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We now have a new 1.4 release available for download! Visit the App Store on your device to get the latest version of Adobe Aero which includes these great new features:

- New Animated Starter Assets

- Real World Scale: Import assets at actual real-life scale and get visual feedback on how big or small it is from original scale so that authors can know how it will fit in viewer's environment.

- Aim Behavior Iteration: Updates to the aim action block. Applying the aim action to an asset will cause the asset to rotate towards the viewer of an experience, even when the viewer moves around and changes device position.

- Vertical Surface Anchor Refinement: Improvement to scanning and placing assets on vertical surfaces.

- Move, Scale, Rotate Panel: New slider controls for moving, rotating and scaling assets to get precise control over placement.

- Basic Cloud First Interop: Know when a Cloud Document is being edited on another device and get messaging about how to handle conflicting edits.

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